E-Mail Hosting Services

Check out some of the E-Mail features only available from IDV:

  • All incoming E-Mail is filtered for viruses and SPAM
    Tired of dealing with all of the junkmail and viruses? IDV has the answer.
  • You can customize your filtering parameters
    Customize your filtering parameters with specific blocking and allow lists
  • Filtered E-Mail is NEVER blocked, deleted, or lost!
    Unlike other providers that outright block SPAM, attachments, etc, IDV removes these messages from your Inbox and moves them to a safe quarantine area
  • Custom E-Mail functions including transparent BCC for entire domains
    Want to get a copy of all the E-Mail sent to or from your employees? This is just one custom feature that IDV makes possible.
  • IMAP, POP3, and WebMail support for all accounts
    All major internet protocols supported, so you're not restricted to just Web Mail or POP3.
  • Virtually unlimited storage!

Prices start as low as $1/month